Tuesday, 19 June 2007

suggestion box

right thats it for today, 30 more pages to go then i can update them when i do them

a brian comic sounds like a good idea...hint hint

not so smooth moves

more updates, im doing this so we can all be up to date.

my curriculum vitae

this is my cv and part of my comic, the actual cv, when it's done, will be bounded like a comic book with a front cover n such, it's very exciting, it's a little text heavy though.

do the evolution

the updates keep on coming...

never let this go

this hasn't happened to me yet...

just don't do it

and yet another update...this one is based on an anti plagirism project we did, kind of

a 'another comic' christmas

now i do realise it's not christmas and no i'm not crazy but i did this comic when it was.

icky thump

see...another update, minutes after the last.

i was just trying colour in this one...i didn't continue the trend

afternoon of the dead

What's this, first update in a month? well enjoy it, more to come in a bit